Piano Recital Photo Showcase

Concord, Kannapolis NC areas

Piano Instructor Steve Thweatt knows that much satisfaction comes from doing something you’ve worked hard at and it is important to feel you did it well.  He is very proud of his students!
Incorporated into his teaching style is knowledge for equipping students to stand out from their competition.
His Piano Recital Students reflect these skills.
Steve’s experience includes Pianist in the presence celebrities – Music Icons, Movie Stars, VIP’s, Dignitaries and also ordinary, every-day people where piano is requested for private events, restaurants, hotels, malls, and so on.
This has given him a large vault of resourceful information from which he draws to help guide the student.

He also has a long-time experience playing in CHURCH.
Often a student will come who wishes only to play well for their church. Steve knows that it is still important to understand the basics of proper playing and performance to be a better help and influence with those who are depending on your talent. He understands their goal and helps them achieve it when they are willing to apply his training to their practice.
Shine ON & Shine LONG Students! You CAN.