Piano Lessons

Since 1973, I’ve provided elite piano training to students everywhere.  My job is simple: to help my students reach their maximum performance level and goals and to use my experience and expertise to help connect and propel them forward.


My career in professional piano begun back in 1973.  Since then, I’ve played in front of thousands of people, played for famous icons, movie stars, and musical legends.  I have a long list of satisfied customers and all of them have created new memories with my presence.

Piano Tuning

No piano is the same.  They all have their individual nuances and my years of experience have allowed me to tame each piano’s temperament.  I can also provide minor repairs if needed and tune the piano exactly how you want it.

Music Hub Connect

Choose PIANO, with instructor Steve Thweatt or GUITAR, BASS, BANJO, with instructor Randy Clay, or combine. Steve and Randy have instructed hundreds of students and are well esteemed. Both have mastered their instruments and are highly skilled musicians & composers too.

Payments to Piano Affair