Wailing Cat to Perfect Pitch

I was trained to tune by some of the finest piano tuners around and I have a natural ability for hearing the ‘right’ sound; some call it a “good ear”.

My years of tuning has taught me to recognize the temperament of each piano. If concert pitch is what the customer seeks, I can do the job if the piano strings can stretch without breaking.  I tune each piano ‘just right’ for it’s brand and I guarantee the customer’s satisfaction.  Sometimes a piano needs minor repairs; I am equipped and skilled for this also.

I invite you to make the call and leave the rest to me! I will ‘fine tune’ your piano to sound BETTER than EVER.

A modest fee might apply to Piano’s that are difficult to tune and for repairs.

A $1.25 per mile fee is charged to distances farther than 30 miles from my studio. To figure your cost, refer to our address on the “Contact” page for calculating additional mileage fee. If unsure, please CALL or EMAIL for exact cost.